Can I Still Use a Glazier During Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is unfortunately becoming a more severe threat with every day that passes in Australia. While we may not have to struggle through these tough times regularly, it’s still important that we all take the necessary precautions to ensure our health and safety.

In order to minimise the risks, our team here at Glass Express feel that it’s crucial that we all try to prevent the chances of transmitting and spreading the virus, so we’re putting measures in place to protect not only our personnel, but also you and your loved ones.

What Are We Doing to Help?

We employ some of the most experienced glaziers and they are taking every measure to understand the best ways to reduce the risks associated with the spread of the coronavirus. We are doing our best to create measures that will be effective and easy to follow, allowing us to take care of both you and your projects.

Putting You First

At a time like this, it’s important that you feel comfortable. If you feel unwell and would like to reschedule, this is more than fine; we’d be happy to come on another date.

Keeping Our Distance

When we visit, we’ll do our best to avoid physical contact (i.e. shaking hands) and ask that only those that are necessary be present while we handle the installation work.

Our employees clean their hands vigorously and use hand sanitiser often – and make sure to disinfectant anything that they touch as they work.

Avoiding Physical Contact While Getting the Job Done

We would rather not touch anything that we don’t need to, so we ask that you move any furniture or items before we arrive to help us avoid having physical contact with anything other than the things we need to.

At this point in time it’s important that we all take social distancing seriously, so we’ll not only make sure to avoid physical contact; we’ll also take care to ensure that there’s plenty of space between us throughout the whole process.

Contactless Payments

We want to keep physical contact to a minimum in any way possible, which is why we’re accepting only accepting contactless payments during this time.

Here at Glass Express we care about your health and safety. While we’ll still be here to assist wherever we can, we’ll make sure that nobody is put at risk.