Broken Curved Bain Marie

1Glass Express repairs all curved glass. In this instance it was a bain marie that was broken that needed to be repaired for an aged care kitchen located in Melbourne.

Glass Express takes an exact template of the curve and then has the glass made and bent to shape in an oven so that the glass bends and curves to match the existing glass.

If you need any curved glass replaced please call Glass Express on 1300 767 415


Glass Express P/L to the rescue for FOX FM Hamish and Andy

Emergency Glass Repairs!

Do you need urgent glass repairs?  Glass Express to the rescue!

Well, Hamish & Andy from FOX FM needed the help of Glass Express with the soundproof glass at Fox FM’s/MMM’s recording studios in South Melbourne.

If you need any glass repairs, Call 1300767415, 24/7.

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Emergency Shutter Service Melbourne 24/7

Emergency Glass Repairs!

Do You need urgent glass repairs.
Glass Express to the rescue!  img_0593

img_0584We cleaned up the broken glass, repaired the aluminium frame, boarded up the shopfront to make safe and re-glazed with new laminated safety glass the following day!

If you need any emergency glass repairs, Call 1300767415,  24/7 for a 1 hour response time.



Glazier Services

What Services Does a Glazier Provide?

Glazier at WorkGlaziers, or window fitters as they are commonly referred to, typically offer an extensive variety of window-related services. Although many people consider them the first port of call for new window installations, in reality they can install, repair, maintain and repair all types of glass. If you’ve found yourself in need of a glass expert, then you may find yourself asking what services does a glazier provide? Here’s a look at what they can do to help.

Window installation

One of the most common reasons a home owner may need to get in touch with a glazier, is to have their windows installed correctly. Single panes, double-glazed versions and everything in between can be handled by a glass specialist. They will be able to install frames, align panels, implement rubber insulation and even remove older windows.

Glass replacement

Although uncommon, it’s not unheard of for double-glazed windows to ‘blow’ every so often. This event usually occurs as a result of exposure to excessively hot or cold temperatures – but it can also take place when impacted. In these events, one of the only solutions is to have the damaged panel removed and then replaced with a new pane. A glazier will be able to handle the entire project.

Glass repair

Small cracks and chips might not seem like a huge deal, but if left to grow they can soon effect the integrity of the entire pane. The best way to treat a chip or crack is to have it repaired by an expert. They will typically inject an industrial strength resin to ensure that the glass holds firm, but other options are available depending on the severity of the damage.

Window maintenance

Windows are subjected to a lot of pressure over time – what with aiding in the support of walls, as well as being responsible for holding wind and debris at bay. It’s not unheard of for glass panes and frames to require maintenance from time to time and fortunately these are services that glaziers specialise in. Even if a window hasn’t suffered with any damage, it’s a good idea to have their integrity checked every so often to maximise safety and functionality.

These are just a few of the most common services relating to a window specialist. These experts have some of the most advanced equipment available at their disposal and there aren’t many glass related tasks that they can’t undertake. Although the material is commonly used within homes, it’s never a good idea for an inexperienced individual to handle it, as it can be very dangerous. Instead of running the risk, give a professional a call and have them take care of your needs for you.

Glass Mirror Replacement

Glass mirrors are everywhere in most houses. From wardrobe cabinets to bathroom fixtures, glass mirrors and panes add style and function to ordinary furniture. Glass tends to break, however, so most homeowners turn to the experts when it comes to knowing how and when to have their glass mirrors replaced. Here are a few mirror replacement tips that any homeowner will find useful.

Find out what type of glass you need.

If you are replacing a glass mirror that broke, it is important to find out why it broke in the first place. In some cases, ill-fitting glass or a glass type that wasn’t suited for that piece of furniture or that part of the house contributed to the damage. You can avoid future problems by choosing the right glass for each specific need.

Do an online research to find out what types of glass mirrors are available.

There are so many choices online for different types of glass, and you can make better decisions if you know which ones are available online or in your local shop. Online research also saves more time than canvassing local stores on foot.

Hire or DIY?

Look at the replacement problem and determine whether it is simple enough to do yourself, or if you need the help of professionals. There are some replacement projects that you can do on your own, like simple repair or glass maintenance. But if you lack the skills or the tools, hiring professionals may be a better option.

Request for at least three quotations from different mirror replacement specialists.

You can use online store locators to pick out the best replacement specialists near you and ask for quotes. This way you can compare prices, look at the reputability of the store or shop, and get the best price.

Choosing a mirror replacement specialist

A good replacement specialist should be able to give you a number of replacement options for your glass and a quote for each. Choose a specialist that has a good track record with previous clients and preferably choose a local shop so you can easily reach them for any do-overs or questions.

Mirror Disposal

If you are doing a mirror replacement on your own, or if your replacement specialists do not include disposal in their services, it is important to know how to dispose of broken or old glass mirrors.You can cover the entire surface of the glass, front and back, with duct tape so that it won’t break into pieces during disposal. Contact your local waste management company for very large or old glass mirror panes for proper disposal techniques.

Doing your research and shopping around for the best prices can help you make wise and informed decisions about the glass mirrors for your home. Get the service that is worth your money by following the tips mentioned above today.

Tips On Window Repair And Replacement

website pics 904A broken or cracked window is a security hazard.  In addition, it lets the elements in, which can be detrimental to your energy costs and affect the coziness of the space.  Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied.  You have the option of buying replacement glass and getting it cut to the required measurement at the hardware store or lumberyard.

Repairing a shattered or cracked glass window is a simple repair, particularly if the pane is fairly small.  However, for dual glazing windows or larger panes, it is typically smarter to contact a glass dealer.  Normally, you will need to order a special pane and ensure it is on hand prior to removing the old glass.

If your window is broken or it has another problem and needs to be repaired or replaced, here are some instructions on glass repair and glass replacement:

Cracked Glass

Put on your protective gloves and use a glass cutter to score a tiny arc just beyond the crack; this will prevent the spreading of the crack.  Typically, the crack will not go beyond the arc.  With a chisel, scraper or utility knife, remove the metal fasteners, the old glazing around the pane of the window and the broken pieces of glass.  After which, you can follow the guidelines below:

• Carefully take out the pieces of broken glass.

• For an easy fit, measure the opening and take away 1/8 of an inch from the width and height.

• Use a glass cutter and straight edge to cut the glass or you can get it professionally cut a hardware store.

• Clean the wood around the window, prime it and leave it to dry.

• Place the replacement glass into the opening.

• Glazier’s points that are pressed into both sides of the frame can be used to keep the glass in place.

• Use glazing putty to fill in the opening between the frame and the glass.

• After the putty dries, you can do your priming and painting.

Glass Replacement

When a window pane is being replaced, do your best to acquire the same type that was originally installed.  This ensures all the windows in the house will have a cohesive look.  However, for older homes, it is not always easy to find an exact match.  When this happens, try to get something that matches as close as possible to the existing windows.  Carry a piece of glass to the store and ask for a match.

Glass repair and replacement will restore the comfort and visual appeal of your home. Of course we recommend leaving it to the experts at Glass Express.

Hiring A Glazier With Confidence

website pics 901DIY skills and enthusiasm are all very well for some jobs. But to replace glass safely, consumers need to hire a glazier. Many things can go wrong when glass is handled incorrectly leaving consumers at risk of losing heat/cold from a room or of serious injury. Here are some traits to look for in a trustworthy tradesperson.


Firstly, conduct a background check regarding any short-listed service providers. Ask for references from past clients and phone them. Take a look at some of their work. Ask to see evidence of up-to-date licensing in the trade and ensure this person is insured in case you need to claim damages inflicted on your property. If the job is big and possibly complicated, be sure to hire someone with considerable experience and a great reputation. Consider giving a trained, licensed newcomer his chance when the job is relatively small.

Intelligence Test

Well-trained, skilled, experienced glaziers are versatile. They replace glass in doors, windows, and around conservatories or sun rooms. A glazier works with residential and commercial customers. One way to determine if a trades-person has what it takes is to ask a tough question and expect an immediate answer. If this person cannot answer right then and there, don’t wait on the line. A professional might have to look up specific details pertaining to uncommon requests, but his general knowledge of the subject should be at the tip of his tongue.

Expect Respect

Sometimes a professional service provider is so limited he will push a client towards a product that is unsuitable in order to mold the job to his needs. That’s not the attitude of a professional. Professionals find out what their clients want and structure services accordingly. They will make suggestions pertaining to safety, lighting, UV protection, sound proofing, and other factors, but all in keeping with the priorities of their customers.

Price Check

When renovating, conduct a price check in which you can narrow down your list to omit the most expensive and the cheapest contenders. You get what you pay for, but some legitimate companies over-price the work. With a list of three or four mid-range quotes, you have enough information to make a trustworthy choice.

Everything You Need To Know About A Glazier

website pics 1011A glazier is a skilled individual who specializes in selecting, cutting to size, installing, and replacing glass products in both residential and commercial buildings. In some cases, glaziers have to work with large panes of glass while suspended on the sides of tall buildings. Here is a detailed look at a glazier’s job description:

Glazier Duties

A glazier’s duties span every conceivable facet of glass-based work. This includes:

• Cutting glass to required size and shape
• Removing and replacing old glass products with new ones
• Securing/fastening glass onto frames using sashes or clips
• Grinding, drilling, and polishing glass to desired specifications
• Advising clients to purchase glass products that comply with specific building codes
• Handling glass products in warehouses, retail stores, during transport, and at construction sites
• Supervising lifting or handling of large and heavy glass products using lifting equipment such as hoists with suction cups
• Apply the relevant caulks, putty, adhesives, or weather sealants between glass panes or between glass panes and window, door, or wall frames.
• Supervise and advise apprentices learning the same craft.
• Create or fashion decorative glass features.

In residential buildings, the expertise and skill of a glazier comes in handy during the installation, replacement, construction, or re-positioning of glass doors, skylights, glass windows, sun-rooms, or glass-based room screeners/dividers. For instance, a glazier is the right professional to hire if you would like to install a bathtub enclosure. When working on large-scale commercial projects, glaziers usually receive and install pre-cut products. For instance, glass panes used to cover the outer surfaces of high-rise buildings arrive at construction sites pre-cut to the correct size. This makes a glazier’s work easier because all he/she has to do is hoist and secure them onto their frames.


In order to work as a glazier, you must complete an apprenticeship program that includes at least 144 hours of technical training and 2,000 hours of on-the-job paid training. According to the BLS, a glazier-training program takes four years to complete. Most apprenticeship programs admit trainees who are 18 years or older, can handle the physical rigors involved in working as glaziers, and have graduated from high school.To work as a glazier in Connecticut, one must fulfill requirements such as take and pass a written exam, as well as successfully complete the relevant apprenticeship program.

Useful Personal Attributes

A glazier must have great hand-eye coordination, which comes in handy when cutting, drilling or polishing glass products. To succeed in this industry, one must also be physically strong and have lots of stamina because the job entails lifting heavy objects and standing or moving around for long periods.

Knowledge Requirements

A glazier must have a good grasp of different types of glass. This includes knowledge of their physical characteristics such as brittleness. At the same time, one must be well skilled in cutting, polishing, smoothing, installing, and handling diverse glass materials. Furthermore, a glazier must be well versed in local building codes, standards, and regulations. This means knowledge of structural as well as personal safety regulations. Even in cases where a glazier is employed, both employer and employee must comply with the relevant standards and laws.

Work Environment

The duties detailed earlier show that a glazier’s job is not for the faint-hearted because it is physically demanding and may involve working at great heights. As such, expect to spend a lot of time on ladders and scaffolds. This is in addition to long spells spent standing, bent, stretching, or contorting the body in awkward ways.

Workplace Safety

To avoid sustaining injuries while working in the surroundings described above, glaziers must wear protective gear including hand gloves, hard hats, eye goggles, and footwear with anti-slip soles. In spite of these protective measures, glaziers are prone to cuts and lacerations while handling glass, prone to falls and slips, prone to eye injuries caused by flying debris when drilling or cutting glass, and prone to chemical exposure when handling adhesives or sealants. As such, glaziers normally take frequent breaks to avoid fatigue. When working outdoors during summer, glaziers stay well hydrated by drinking water. Some glaziers also snack during work breaks to replenish the body’s energy stores. At every work site, a first aid kit/box is always easily accessible. Finally, glaziers carry communication devices such as walkie-talkies or mobile phones that they can use to call for help in the event of an emergency when working alone.


The work of a glazier revolves around one product or medium; glass. After successfully completing a training program, a glazier can undertake installation of glass windows, doors, handrails, storefronts, mirrors, or wall partitions at commercial and residential work sites.