Double-Glazed Windows

What Are Double-Glazed Windows?

In this day and age, keeping a house insulated during those colder seasons is a top priority for most home owners. Good insulation won’t just save money on energy bills; it will also enhance the living conditions within a property by keeping all occupants comfortable and warm during the winter. One of the most common solutions when it comes to insulating a premises relates to windows – double glazed in particular.

But what are double-glazed windows exactly and how do they work?

An introduction to windows and double-glazing

Double Glazed WindowAll homes will feature at least one window in each room and up until a few decades ago, these would typically consist of a single pane of glass. This pane would have been responsible for keeping cold air outside and warm air inside, while preventing water from making its way indoors. Although the concept sounds effective, in reality single panes of glass aren’t very efficient when it comes to insulation.

Not only will the pane struggle to moderate temperatures – it can often grow increasingly weaker over time, becoming both dangerous and ineffective as far as insulation is concerned. That’s where double-glazing steps up to the mark. As its name might suggest, this type of window consists of two panes, but it’s the way in which they are installed that makes all the difference.

Instead of two panes being pressed together to form a single thicker one, double panes have a small gap in between them. This gap serves two purposes: the first is to trap warm air inside as the internal pane is exposed to the atmosphere within the home and the second is to moderate the temperature of the external pane (which will be exposed to the elements).

When combined, the entire structure of the window is enhanced in a way that single panes simply can’t mimic. Installing an entire set throughout a home can help to moderate the temperature, keep chilly winds at bay and they will actually enhance the structural integrity of a property. Double-glazed frames are far stronger than their single pane counterparts, so they will be able to add to the strength of any wall in which they feature.

Is there really that much of a difference between double and single windows?

Yes is the short answer. As mentioned above, single panes are weaker, less effective at containing heat, they are minimally efficient at keeping external cold air at bay and they can be prone to cracking over time. Double windows on the other hand are stronger, feature advanced air containment technologies, add to structural integrity and can help to insulate a home for decades.